RFID and Vision Camera for Traceability System

SSCN Number : SSCN-0011
Project Number : FASKL-1905-400
Solution : Traceability Vision + RFID
Industries : Graphite Electrodes

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Problem Statement

– Operator manual log in the product ID after the laser mark.

– The start inspection time and data and end time must able to log in to the server for traceability purpose.


Vision Camera:

– Using the 12 Mp Smart Camera to detect the OCR code and send the read data to the PLC for logging.



– All the electrode are fixed with the RFID tag from the input conveyor.

– The first reader read the ID and start test time when the electrode load to test station.

– The second reader read the data after the test process.

– Both readers send data to PLC for test result confirmation.