Mobile Phone POL Sticking Project

Industry: Semiconductor & Electronics
Brands: Epson & Panasonic
Case Number: CN-0023
Solution: Robotics

Problem Statement

The customer is producing different kinds of mobile phone screen, during the production, the rejected products must be returned to the first step of procedure for reworking.The screen have to be disassembled and stick on the POL again.
In the past, the customer was using manpower for reworking. The manual process need a lot of workers resulting low efficiency and accuracy. So they need to modify the production line and build up a automatic POL sticking machine.


Recommended to use Epson robot and Panasonic vision system ,By using vision guidance to match the position of the POL and the screen, suck up the POL and stick it on the correct position again.

Customer’s Feedback

By using vision guidance, the robotic system can adapt to a variety of models and handle different kinds of POL sticking. This has highly increased the productivity and meet the customer’s requirement.

Success Stories CN-0023