Energy and Condition Monitoring for Undercarriage Manufacturer

Industry: Heavy Equipment
Case Number:FASID 2004-002
Solution: Energy and Condition Monitoring of Air compressors

Problem Statement

  • Machine operation was interrupted when pressure drop in the compressed air system because of compressor breakdown or sudden stoppages.
  • Customer don’t know the performance of each compressor
  • Energy consumption data of each compressors are recorded manually on paper from conventional electricity meter.
  • How much actual air volume is produced by each compressor is unknown.


  • Monitor electricity data on each compressor , more than 10 compressors.
  • Install Ultrasonic Flow meter on each output of compressor room to measure air parameter such as instant flow rate, accumulated air volume, temperature, pressure, and direction.
  • Read status of compressor from its control unit by Modbus RTU serial communication.
  • Monitor and record all of the data and status into SCADA dashboard by Mc Works 64 Mitsubishi


  • A dashboard with a clear overview of the entire factory compressor layout, with status and flow data for each compressor. This helps maintenance staff to easily identify and monitor status of compressor ensuring quick response and correct action to take.
  • Rich data sets collected for trend and data analysis. Data such as line pressure, final pressure, maintenance hour, temperature and electric current value are some of the parameters used for analyses of the compressor health .
  • With compressor efficiencies and running hours as guide line, user is able to prioritize which compressor to run to optimize the efficiencies.
  • The systems is able to automatically load or unload the compressor based on priority list via remote control following the setting of pressure range/span.
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