Robotic System for Grease Dispenser to the Automotive Parts

Industry: Automotive
Brands: Mitsubishi
Case Number: PT-0014 (PM-22) 
Solution: Robotics

Problem Statement

The customer wanted to make a grease dispenser machine. They consulted the supplier of grease dispenser machine. The supplier only had a machine that can support up to 4 axes dispensing machine. They had difficulties to reach some points on the part. The customer requested very short cycle time.


Mitsubishi MELFA IQ Platform Robot was introduced as a solution. The robot is able to reach all points on the part at very high speed. The robot met the cycle time required by the customer.

Success Stories PT-0014

Customer’s Feedback

We supported the customer since early stage of design by providing the 3D drawing of the robot followed by training on site to until the robot is functioning. The customer appreciated our technical support and our immediate response to their enquiries.

Success Stories PT-0014_2